Good communication is key in many facets of life, whether it be in a personal or professional setting. This includes how and when businesses communicate with their customers.

These days, much of that communication is happening on the internet as digital marketing has become a necessity in a marketplace driven by smartphones, social media and online review websites. Therefore, businesses must figure out what works best for its specific organization in terms of the ways in which it communicates.

Here are five quotes about communication that businesses can reference when thinking about how to effectively reach their target audience online.

A business should strive to be a leader in its industry. Branding, public relations, marketing, business development, innovation, customer service and how employees are treated all play a factor in a company being a leader in its industry. Being strategic and accurate in messaging, particularly on social media, in emails and in text messages also is an extremely important aspect to consider. Business leaders should ask themselves if they are communicating with their customers how they want to be communicated with and if they are communicating the right message.

Whether someone prefers cream and sugar in their coffee or straight black coffee, not much can beat a warm cup of Joe to get the workday going. It can ignite the mind and stimulate communication. In the same vein, a properly constructed message sent to the right audience, at the right time, through the right vehicle, will produce results more times than not.

Not every message is going to produce the results that were expected. Not every campaign is going to hit the mark on the first try. Sometimes, effective communication with customers requires some testing and pivoting to get it right. With the amount of analytics now available to calculate the effectiveness of marketing efforts online, there really isn’t a reason why (with proper testing) a strategic messaging campaign shouldn’t eventually produce results.

Companies that know how to enchant their customers by offering a valuable product or service, combined with great customer service, know that it is important to engage with the people who enjoy what they offer. This is the case not only before and during a purchase, but also after. When a customer receives a message from a company they recently did business with, it should be a message that resonates specifically with the experience of that customer. The message should be direct and encourage that customer to engage in the activity of promoting that business in some way. Ideally, that engagement would be in the form of leaving a positive online review.

Effective communication with customers, more often than not, will result in a good return on investment. To be effective, a message must be targeted and include a call to action. Chances are, if a company is using text messages to communicate with its current or potential customers, then that communication is going to be effective. Depending on which piece of research you are looking at, open rates for text messages traditionally hover somewhere around 90 percent. Compare that to the 20 to 30 percent open rates of emails across a variety of industries, and the fickle nature of algorithms on social media platforms, and text message marketing will typically come out on top.

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